Resumé for Stephen Carter.

Personal Details:

Name: Stephen Henry Carter.
Address: 1219 Stevens Road, Monroe, NC 28110-8971
Telephone: Mobile [+1] 603 566 2435 Home: [+1] 704 218 6157

Web Site:

Employment Status: I am able to work for any employer in the USA.

Born: 1955, Birmingham, UK. Nationality: US Citizen. Status: Married.

Operating System: System Admin AIX3-6, System Manager VAX/VMS, Solaris 8-10, TRU64 Unix, Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2008.

Platforms: RS6000, SP2, S80, P5, P6, P7, Sun Sparc Various, SAN Zoning, IBM Tape: 3592, LTO5, LTO2, TKLM, IBM3584, IBM3494, IBM TS3100, Tape Encryption. Data Domain. HP DL980.

RDBMS: System Admin SYBASE version 4.9.x thru System 10. Technical DBA Oracle V7.1.3. Have worked with Oracle 8 thru 11i & UDB 5 as TSM clients.

Languages: Very Strong Unix korn/awk shell scripting some perl, Mini/Mainframe Cobol, Basic, Pro-IV, C & some Pro*C. SQL as needed.

Communication: TCP/IP Including debugging performance and routing issues, VMS/SNA & RJE, VAX3780, Ethernet Through to 10GB Jumbo frame, FDDI, X25.

Tools: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access. TSM 3 thru 5.5. Some Backup Exec.

Current Position:
ProtecTIER Field Technical Sales Specialist
August 21 2012 – Current.

IBM, Charlotte, NC Primarily work at home and visiting customer sites as needed.

Primary coverage area from MD and DC south to and including South Carolina. Preparing and giving pre sales presentations on ProtecTIER. Liasing with Storage and TSM FTSS to give joint presentations and Demand Generation at user groups etc. Solution sizing and design using either a Modelling tool or charts depending on the Recommended or preferred storage. Suppport Business partner FTSS either by physical presence to answer client questions or checking designs to make sure they meet needs. Arranging pre-sale and pre-installation TDA's. Arranging RPQ's and providing input to the RPQ process for special configurations. I worked on a couple of Loan pool deals but neither finally required the loan.

With my strong TSM experience I was able to understand and work with clients on the best ways to leverage the product in their particular scenario. I also managed several Crit Sits on behalf of others that were the result of several different issues. Reverse engineered a configuration from the hardware that was delivered. Then worked with the client to make his ideas fit.

I carried out 2 PT installs and helped with a third. I also rebuilt a PT from the Linux install through to reformatting a previously used V7000 so that we could get the PT up and running. Monitored a few PT code upgrades. I also used web retain to monitor customer PMRs when advised they had been opened and escalated as necessary.

Previous Positions:

TSM Principal Architect / TSM Engineer / Senior Storage Administrator: May 2001 to August 15 2012.

Cigna, Hartford CT, Worked form home since 2004. I moved to NC in 2006.

Initially recruited as a Senior Unix Sytems Engineer. Redesigned and migrated original the Cigna TSM Implementation to the current design in 2 phases. The first phase was a backup centric design primarily set up to ensure Backups happened with the minimum of issues. We have since consulted with McData and have adopted a more recovery centric design. I was also part of the team that brought In tested and rolled out the first SAN at CIGNA. Technical Lead VTL technology.

have also been responsible for developing the Cigna Midrange and Wintel (Windows on Intel) TSM Based Disaster recovery service. I have also trained from scratch Several TSM Administrators to be able to carry out day to day Admin work and also to be able to run the CIGNA TSM DR process. I am currently Technical lead on a project rolling out TKLM encrypted tape to 40 remote sites. Tech lead supporting remote Site Data Domains. Tech Lead initial intake Oracle DB Backups to DD.

Reason for seeking change:

I felt a need to refresh and update the Hardware and OS skills that I have not been able to use at CIGNA for the past 3 years due to the isolation of roles that had occurred resulting from several major reorganizations. Without updating the skills I feel less able to understand the intricacies of the environments I am trying to protect and thus cannot immediately optimize the solution taking full advantage of the facilities provided by the newer technologies. Theoretical understanding is one thing but there is no substitute for hands on.

I can offer significant experience in both IT and related disciplines and I would also like to return to working for a smaller company where I can feel challenged on a daily basis.

US Immigration May 2000

Senior Technology Consultant: 15th May 2000 to 28th May 2001

Prevail Technologies Inc. / Inrange Technologies Inc, 460 Totten Pond Road, Waltham, MA 02450.

SP2 Support with specific involvement in managing and setting up Tivoli Storage Manager. General AIX system support and problem determination. Configuration Validation. Some Solaris problem determination. Management of 3575 and 3494 Tape libraries. TSM server support documentation.

UK Private Corporation.

I left Thomas cook in my October 1995 to start a private IT Consultancy. I remained a consultant in the UK and Europe until I moved to the USA in May 2000 and became a consultant for Prevail Technologies (Above).

AIX Technical Support. Feb to April 2000. Origin-IT BV. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

AIX korn shell script development. Repackage existing in house performance monitoring package to enable automated install on SP nodes and standalone nodes alike. Provide full documentation of the package for maintenance. Provide system administration, problem determination & resolution. Develop and deploy Asset DB collectors.

SAP Infrastructure support. Mar 98 to Nov 99. IBM, Warwick.

Install and support 5 SP/2 RS/6000 systems, 160 Nodes in 20 frames. Install and upgrade PSSP from 2.2 through 2.3 and on some nodes to 3.1. AIX install and upgrade various versions from AIX 4.1.5 through to AIX 4.3.2. Align various user & other admin files across multiple SPs. Build 2 SPs (1 single frame & 1 multiple frame) including CWSs from scratch, Build/Rebuild nodes diagnose problems and manage day to day running and reconfiguration. Writing ksh scripts to ease Disaster recovery, Administration etc. Install RS to Mainframe Escon connect. ATM network configuration. Routing both within & externally to SP environment. Install SAP Basis on both DB2/6000 & DB2/OS390 Databases. Automate housekeeping and distributions of inter SP common files. Disaster recovery planning & testing.

Unix Systems Administrator. Nov 97 to Mar 98. Thomas Cook, Peterborough.

System Administration and firefighting support on multiple RS6000 Nodes both standalone and SP2. Support AIX Version 3.2.5 & Version 4.x. Sybase Version 4.9.2, System 10 & System 11 with Replication Server. Design and configure NetView6000 implementation. Support and administer Solaris V 2.5 servers and clients.

Technical Support Systems Administrator, May to Nov 97
Bank, Milton Keynes.

Provide technical support and system administration for AIX based application servers, mainly on SP2 nodes. Develop system administration scripts and smit panels to enable decentralised database, user and application management. Exposure to SSA media, PSSP 2.2 software and Limited exposure to HA/CMP software. Support of a High Availability Solaris SMP cluster. Again developing scripts to enable decentralised security administration of the system.

System Management Tools Specialist. Dec 95 to May 97
IBM LITS Project for the MOD (RAF), Stevenage.

Development and integration of the SM tools used within the project. Including Netview 6000, Netview DM, Trouble Ticket 6000, Patrol, Best/1, ADSM. In a secure environment.

Develop scripting to automate installing AIX from CD ( Both bosinst diskette and Network installation manager). Develop installp LPP packages to simplify on-site installation of components. Configure and customise the SM tools packages. Design & Implement test networks using FDDI, Fibre ethernet ( 10 base F ) and cat 5 Ethernet( 10base2 ) all connected via a lanplex bridge/hub, various IBM hubs and PC based routers. Configure and install TCP/IP, routing and DNS root server, cache and local server. Develop test plans and carry out testing of the packages supported. Technical support for AIX and the supported tools, for the build, implementation and test areas of the project. Take a high level conceptual design and convert to a working environment.

Technical consultancy troubleshooting and problem identification & resolution for both our own products and those developed elsewhere within the project.

Unix Technical Support. Oct 95 to Dec 95, Cazenove & Co., Docklands, London.

Fixed term contract for a legislation driven project. Convert VAX/VMS DCL & Powerhouse based moneybroking system to Digital Unix . Unix Technical consultant for trainee system administrators and programmers. Convert some 200 Scripts from DCL to korn shell &C.

Senior Systems Programmer. Aug 84 To Oct 95 Thomas Cook, Peterborough.

AIX / SYBASE: Technical support of multiple RS6000 systems, installing, tuning and administering client server SYBASE databases. Install, configure and tune AIX including network connectivity. Develop of backup and archive strategy. Provide connectivity solutions between Unix and none Unix systems using both packages and in house developments.

Connect systems including configuration of TCP/IP, SNA/RJE, 3780 RJE, Kinet (AIX to DECnet connection). Configure of X terminals and PC based X emulation.

SOLARIS / ORACLE: Provide Unix technical support and system administration on a Meiko CS2 8 processor MPP machine running Solaris 2.3. Provide technical product support and second line database administration for the Oracle (7.1.3) database and associated software installed on the Meiko.

VAX/VMS: System management & technical support of several VAX systems including a 2 node CI cluster and a 7 node LAVC cluster.

Voice Response: Research, design, dialogue design & project manage development of a voice response application written in PRO-IV on the VAX and VRAM Cobol on a Periphonics VPS system.

Design & commission remote support links using modems, multiplexors, reverse LAT etc.

MAINFRAME / TI: Develop and support RM Cobol based TI mini system, develop & support the related IBM Cobol programs on IBM mainframe.

Carry out overseas installations without local supervision support remotely both PC & mini based systems.

Educational Qualifications:

Marsh Hill Boys' Grammar Technical School Birmingham.
1972 GCE 'O' Level Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering Drawing.

Garretts Green Technical College, Birmingham.
1973 General Certificate in Engineering.
Ordinary National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering.

TOPS Training Program:
1984 Peterborough Regional College.
Full time City and Guilds 746 cert in Computer Programming (with credits )

The Open University:
T100 Technology Foundation, S101 Science Foundation, TM221 The Digital Computer, M251 Algorithmic Computing.

Cambridge University:
1999 Certificate Of Higher Education (Counselling & Groupwork).

Technical courses attended:
1984 BIS structured programming.
1987 VAX/VMS Concepts and facilities. Using DECnet. DECnet technical intro.
1988 Introduction to PRO-IV. Effective team leadership.
1990 Natural programming for Adabas.
1991 VMS System Management. Periphonics VRAM programming.
1992 AIX workshop. AIX system administration. AIX advancedadministration. AIX script writing. AIX TCP/IP communications. 1993 'C' programming for AIX.
1994 AIX performance tuning. AIX Windows administration.Sybase fastrak, Sybase administration. Sybase advanced administration. Sybase performance tuning.
1995 Oracle DB7A Creating the database. Oracle DB7B Maintaining the Database.
Data Domain Installation Configuration Training.

Engineering apprenticeship:

VALOR Heating Limited, Wood Lane, Erdington Birmingham B24 9QP

A 4 year indentured apprenticeship as a mechanical design draughtsman. This included 6 months programming in COBOL and RPG. I then remained at Valor for a further 2 years after my apprenticeship was completed.

1978-83 Self employed as contract design draughtsman with several companies. During this period I developed several programs using PASCAL and BASIC to automate complex design calculations. A further development of some of these programs was to prepare tapes for numerically controlled machine tools. I also have Worldwide patents on a few designs I created while working for Serck Heat Transfer.


My interests include Astronomy, DIY (Home & Vehicle) and seeing as much as possible of my adopted home country.